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Tiger Fighting September 29th Real Madrid midfielder Valverde accepted an interview with RMTV's Real Madrid Conecta show


We are full of expectations for the new season. We won our first victory of the season last week, one after another. Betis is a very strong opponent, with a lot of excellent players, their offense is very good, defense is also very good, this is a very difficult game. I think we played well, pressing and snatching in the frontcourt as required by the coach. But now this victory has passed, and there 亚博试玩will be Wednesday's game. "

我们对新赛季充满期待。上周,我们接连赢得了本赛季的第一场胜利。贝蒂斯是一个非常强大的对手,拥有很多优秀的球员,他们的进攻非常出色,防守也非常出色,这是一场非常艰难的比赛。我认为我们打的很好,按照教练的要求在前场压紧和抢夺。但是现在这场胜利已经过去了,并且将会有星期三的比赛。 ”

The coach kept telling me, let me fight, and immediately after the grab, I immediately inserted in, thanks to the help of my teammates, this time I was finally able to score. I am very happy to score the first goal. It also gave me more motivation to continue to get better. It also proved the results we achieved in the frontcourt.


As a midfielder, we just want to run. I like to go all out on the court. My job is to run. I can run as much as I can.


Over time I continue to adjust myself, and now I am still in the stage of continuing to grow and continue to learn.


Because he told me that I have this ability, such as breaking through the opponent's defense line and inserting the opponent's defense line. I often follow the advice of the coach because their advice to me is very beneficial to me.


As a midfielder, it is not enough to pass the ball to the striker, but direct help is needed. As midfielders, we need to be involved in both offense and defense, and we need to be ready at any time. It would be great if we can help the team with goals. All we have to do is to co亚博直播色版appntribute our strength in the game.


I am very excited after scoring a goal because I don’t score often. When I score a goal, I will dedicate it to many people, first of all my partner, my children, my parents, and the other is to my brother. That day It's his birthday.


Yes, of course, my children are also very happy when I get home, which makes me very proud as a father. My girlfriend also sent me a picture of his kid watching the game. I think it’s impossible for him to watch it all 90 minutes, but I should watch it when I score a goal. This makes me very happy.


They have helped me a lot. The competition in our team is also healthy. Everyone competes with each other, but this is very friendly and makes us all better. When you play, teammates also give you support and help. Useful suggestions. The suggestions of a few teammates helped me a lot, making me proud and happy to have so many great teammates helping me.


I have a lot of good memories here. It is also fun to continue just training at the Di Stefano Stadium. We are all very excited and ready to return to our home game. We have many excellent players who have won all championships. They are role models for us young people because they train hard every day, which gives us more confidence and motivation. In Real Madrid, all of us must be twisted together and fight for the same goal.

我在这里有很多美好的回忆。继续在Di Stefano体育场进行训练也很有趣。我们都非常激动,并准备返回我们的主场比赛。我们有许多出色的球员赢得了所有冠军。它们是我们年轻人的榜样,因为他们每天都要刻苦训练,这给了我们更多的自信和动力。在皇家马德里,我们所有人必须团结一致,为同一目标而战。





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